Lloydshare is the first company worldwide to offer such an investment plan.
With good reason, this has been well received by both Vacation Club owners and members around the world.
The company came into being as a result of discussions with Vacation Resort Directors, who receive continual feedback from members on their experience of Vacation Ownership.
Even with the assurance of luxury top class vacations for years in advance, some purchasers feel that buying membership is a big step to take.
We decided that many clients would be reassured if they knew there was a way to finally get their money back. This is quite possible if an investment plan is linked directly to the Vacation Ownership purchase and properly managed over a fixed term. A deferred annuity allows Lloydshare to invest your money and provide you with a guaranteed lump sum on maturity.
At Lloydshare, we see the concept of a deferred annuity as the future for the industry, supporting vacation costs by the management of a structured, linked, long term investment fund. The idea is not new. For decades, a high proportion of European property purchases have been based on banking loans which are linked to stock market investments. These investments provide final funds sufficient to repay the initial loan in full, often with substantial profits. An average membership term of 25 years allows excellent potential for long-term growth, and thus the concept was born of a deferred annuity linked to Vacation Ownership.
We invest flexibly over the term, and on maturity, our clients have a period of 365 days in which to claim the redemption of their asset (see Terms and Conditions). Payment is limited to the guaranteed amount shown on the annuity certificate, irrespective of the progress of our investments. This provides a totally risk-free return for our clients.
The fixed sum payout we offer means, in effect, that any investment risk is being absorbed by us and, in accordance with the terms and conditions, the projected payout is guaranteed. We are happy to offer this guarantee as a basic standard to Vacation Club members, because of our complete confidence in our team’s financial expertise, long term. Furthermore, your investment is protected by a British Isle tax haven law guaranteeing 90% unlimited Government protection.
Compared to the cost of Vacation Ownership, the 5.75% additional cost to invest in a Lloydshare Deferred Annuity is a relatively small outlay to secure the peace of mind that comes from knowing the entire membership cost will be reimbursed in full..

Lloydshare - The Green Statement

The Lloydshare Deferred Annuity concept can be applied to most high value purchases that have a time-related element matching our long-term investment strategies. It is therefore uniquely suited to support any product purchases where the product can be shown to benefit from maintenance servicing. Proper qualified servicing protects the sustainability of any product. Encouraging the proper care of hardware items is consistent with Lloydshare’s stated values to support environmentally favorable themes.
Lloydshare actively seeks to support environmentally friendly products and projects, and seeks to support locally based economies throughout the world. Lloydshare is proud to publicize its “green” credentials, and commits to giving business preference and advantage to environmentally friendly companies, or companies seeking to market environmentally friendly products. We see this as in keeping with our objectives to maintain a forward-looking, sustainable approach to business, and to setting appropriate company standards. We will continually promote environmentally friendly values within our business partnerships.


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