Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Industry Savior! The Lloydshare Deferred Annuity

Many prestigious Vacation Club Resorts are hailing the Lloydshare Deferred Annuity as a potential savior of the industry, in view of the business threat imposed by the world economic downturn.

The Vacation Ownership Industry has been hit hard by consumer cutbacks, and has suffered from a general bad press, much of which is not justified.  There are claims of timeshare scams and horror stories warning vacationers to beware of unscrupulous salespeople trying to con them out of their money.  Furthermore, some people who simply want to cancel their contracts have complained falsely, with no legal basis, just in order to pressure resorts into giving them refunds.  When refunds are refused, resorts are portrayed as adopting rogue business practices, and accused of conning innocent tourists out of their life savings.  These lies and false claims are making hard pressed consumers beware of even going on a sales tour!

Thankfully, Lloydshare Limited Incorporated has come to the rescue and provided a wholly reputable and reliable product which supports sales and yet is wholly independent of any resort.  The Lloydshare Deferred Annuity offers a cast iron guaranteed payout of the whole cost of Vacation Membership, subject to terms and conditions.   Many new clients have assured Lloydshare staff that it was only the availability of the associated Deferred Annuity product, offered by Lloydshare, which convinced them to invest in Vacation Membership at all.

"I wouldn't have purchased a membership for the life of me," declares Mrs. I Kincaid of Minnesota, "if it wasn't for that deferred annuity.   The Lloydshare representative sure did make me feel better when she called me shortly after my return home.  I was all for canceling my contract, but after what the Lloydshare team explained, I consulted my financial advisor and realized that my new Timeshare, coupled with the Deferred Annuity, was in fact a really sound investment for the long term.   It feels like I am getting all these membership benefits for nothing!"

The Lloydshare investment team are delighted to report client after client who has each been completely  reassured by the prospect of getting their money back at the end of the investment term. 

"This is the future for the Industry", says International Marketing Director Martyn Ravenhill.   "In an economic downturn, there are always companies that forge ahead and thrive, building on these kinds of changed circumstances.   Our investment team are fully confident that things for the Vacation Industry will improve, and we are set to be part of that recovery.  Thanks to our Deferred Annuity, all our investors can look forward to sharing the fabulous Lloydshare success!"

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