Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vacation Owners Annuity Program By Lloydshare Helps Members Save For Retirement While Vacationing In Mexico

Vacation owners annuity program by Lloydshare uses deferred annuities and vacation property ownership options to allow its members take great Mexican vacations while preparing them for financially safe retirements with a 100 percent return payment.

Scottsdale, Arizona– Vacation owners annuity program by Lloydshare brings together two fundamental expenses of life: vacation accommodations and savings for retirement. The vacation owners annuity program, when done through Lloydshare, is an investment plan that guarantees each of its members a big, terminal, lump sums payment at the point of the annuity maturation. The total payment is 100 percent of the original purchase value, giving its members a huge return on their annual resort fee payments.
Usually somewhat turned off by the high cost of the vacation membership, many potential members opt not to engage in activities like a timeshare purchase. However, thanks to the guaranteed lump sum return through Lloydshare’s vacation owners annuity program, reluctant travelers are quick to change their attitudes and minds about the entire purchase.
Lloydshare vacation owners annuity program operates under a fixed sum payout, which means that any financial risk is inflicted on Lloydshare itself rather than the customer. Although almost 6 percent more than the traditional vacation ownership cost, Lloydshare vacation owners annuity program has deferred annuities that are fully guaranteed to return the full purchase value directly to the consumer. This unbeatable deal not only merges two industries in an unprecedented way, it also sends money directly back toward the buyer in the long term.
Lloydshare investment, due to its high success with vacation memberships, has also expanded successfully into the real estate market. Lloydshare’s top-tier real estate properties are also focused on vacations and deal directly with vacation ownership properties of the highest caliber. As of now, Lloydshare has been working closely with both the Banyan Tree Mayakoba and the Rosewood Mayakoba, two Mexican properties idyllically situated in arguably the most popular Caribbean area of tourism. These luxurious tourist hotspots are stellar places for family vacations and boast a true feeling of fun and relaxation with their fishing, golf, sun and surf activities.
The vacation owners annuity program by Lloydshare has been helping both investors and vacationers get monumental returns on their investments for years. These tax-free, commission-free deals through Lloydshare are known to maximize the returns for their clients while also administering expert investing advice and welcoming, receptive customer service.
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To learn more the Vacation Owners Annuity Program from Lloydshare, contact:
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  1. I have been wanting to sell my annuity for about a year now. I need money bad and think I am going to pull the trigger on it tomorrow. What do you recommend?