Monday, July 19, 2010

Lloydshare Annuities Annouces Twitter Account

Lloydshare Annuities announced yesterday that the company has begun to use the
social networking tool Twitter ( to better communicate with its client base.

Lloydshare Annuities is the global leader in providing deferred annuities accredited by
the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) since 2002. Lloydshare has
very recently adopted a stronger influence on using social websites, beginning with the
new Twitter account (

Offering deferred annuities plans for the owners of investment and vacation properties,
Lloydshare Annuities has a client base scattered throughout the world. Maintaining an
open communication between Lloydshare Annuities and its customers proved difficult
with conventional methods.

The company decided to harness the strength of Twitter to help Lloydshare's global
client base stay connected using the micro-blogging tool to inform its clients about
corporate news and upcoming events.

Vacation property investments have become a growing field as resorts in the last 10-15
years begin to offer timeshare, fractional ownership, and private residence club options.
Resorts are now being built with the intention for fractional or timeshare arrangements.
These resorts offer a high level of service and luxuriously appointed suites for the most
discerning travelers.

Most contracts signed are for lifetime with 25 to 100 year contracts being commonplace
with the new timeshare, fractional ownership, or private residence club resorts built on
beaches, ski slopes, and almost every other vacation destination worldwide. Lloydshare
Annuities offers a package to the vacation home owner which effectively repays the
entire costs.

The highly successful company has enjoyed record growth in recent years, as
Lloydshare adapted to the decline in resale market and is now moving beyond new
purchases to conversion arrangements with existing Club Memberships. Members
can continue to use their vacation properties benefits year after year, and Lloydshare
provides a way to get all those vacations for nothing.

Lloyd's TSB are the custodians who are responsible for Lloydshare Annuities' security
deposits. Lessons have been learned from previous stock market crashes and 90% of
the Lloydshare investor's funds are protected by the British Isle Government's unlimited
guaranteed protection and underwritten by Credit Suisse.

Lloydshare Annuities invites their global list of clients to follow the company on the
official Twitter account, Lloydshare Annuities ( to start
receiving up-to-the minute information from the global leader in deferred annuities for
vacation investment properties.

For additional information on Lloydshare services, please visit the Lloydshare website (

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