Friday, July 16, 2010

Lloydshare Annuities Receives Praise from TripAdvisor Review

A recent TripAdvisor post gives Lloydshare Annuities a positive mention.

Happy Members at Sandos Carcol

We recently returned from our 2nd visit to Sandos Caracol in Riviera Maya in Mexico and were again enchanted by this jungle style resort and its beautiful beach. The owners have done a lot to improve the resort in the last year, and it looks far better than before, especially the grounds are really well cared for. The staff are generally friendly, but I think their lack of English sometimes makes them seem a bit rude, or unhelpful. I don`t think they mean to be. Our accommodation was a little outdated, but we saw evidence of remodeling in many of the suites, so hopefully when we return all the suites will be finished. And we will return! Last year we purchased a Vacation Membership and so far are very pleased with our purchase. We want to say thank you to the vacation club promotions manager Niel Cooper at Sandos for being upfront about the product, no unrealistic expectations, just a genuine outline of what the program does and also doesn't do, we appreciate that! We also signed up for Lloydshare to insure our purchase. What a good idea that is!! The staff from Lloydshare Insurance have been extremely helpful and informative about the Cash Back Lump Sum that we receive to cover the cost of our investment. So, all in all a pretty good experience. We thought we`d write because all too often only the moaners and groaners of this world are the ones who write. From Harvey Family, happy with our purchase!


Lloydshare - The preferred provider of Deferred Annuities linked to vacation memberships.

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