Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prayers are answered and dreams, hopes and wishes come true.

Prayers are answered and dreams, hopes and wishes come true.
It's not often that a conversation with a client brings a sentimental tear to the eye, but the call received in Lloydshare's Landmark London Office in June certainly had that effect!
"This lady asked to speak to me, because she thought I would remember her conversation from when we processed an annuity linked to her Vacation Club membership, just 2 years ago, and I most certainly did!"
Gina Martin, who has worked for Lloydshare for just two years, explains that the caller, from Minnasota US, was a lady who had suffered an agony of separation and despair when her daughter's child was abducted by the estranged father. The grandmother had become the chief carer of the child following an accident that crippled her daughter, and which had possibly caused the marriage to fail.
After the child was seized both women suffered severe depression, as both father and child vanished without trace. Having struggled to come to terms with the loss for nearly three years, they were overjoyed when the child was recently returned.
Amongst many exciting developments, the lady [who has asked to remain anonymous] made the child's future even more secure by telephoning Lloydshare to amend the beneficiary entitlement for their $80,000 annuity policy and put it into her granddaughter's name.
"I am so looking forward to taking the child with us to visit our Vacation Club in Cancun, Mexico." Mrs LouAnne X explains. "Thanks to the Lloydshare policy, we know that even flight costs and maintenance fees are covered long term! When we first bought our Timeshare, we were concerned at first that we had been extravagant, and that maybe the decision purchase was kind of rash. It was a lot of money and we were concerned it has been in reaction to our grief. But when we heard about the deal Lloydshare offers, the guarantee of getting all the expenditure back, it felt like we could enjoy the vacations we needed with a clear conscience. Now it's so great to think we can share it all with my granddaughter. "
"Co-incidentally, this lady was one of my very first clients," adds Gina. "I recall her explaining exactly why she had taken the holiday at one of our partner Vacation Clubs. Her decision to get away from home in the first place was all to do with her grandchild. It was such a very sad and harrowing story she told us back then, and we're all so pleased at this amazing happy ending!
Many of our clients love the fact that we provide means to guarantee a payout to beneficiaries, and that they can change the detail at any time.
In our work, it's essential to have the right information in order to validate a claim, but I was delighted hear back from this lady for such a great reason. Making an adjustment to someone's paperwork is not normally this rewarding!"

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